Ready to finally understand your Accounting?

Are you tired of hearing about how quick and easy it is to do your own bookkeeping while you struggle to get yours done?

Your struggle is over, my friend.

The big accounting software companies have been feeding you tales about how quick and easy it is to do your own bookkeeping without the help of a professional. The truth of the matter is that accounting can be complicated and overwhelming. If you’re feeling this way, you are not alone. You do not have to struggle for one more day…

Understand Your Numbers

Doing your bookkeeping is only half of the battle! You’ll learn how to understand your financials and how to apply them to your business!


Learn how to keep your receipts, mileage, customer information, billing information and more inside of your accounting software!

Coaching & Accountability

You’ll be invited to join our online community. Ask quick questions, keep accountable, monthly Q&A calls, and more!

Monthly To Do Lists

Stop wondering what you need to do each month. With our monthly bookkeeping checklist, all you have to do is check each box as it’s done!

Spend Less Time

No more throwing away your precious time! Not only will you learn how to do your accounting, but you’ll learn how to use the tools to help you become efficient!

Feel More Confident

Not only will we help you feel confident in yourself, but you’ll feel confident handing it off one day because you’ll know what things SHOULD look like.


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During these hour-long strategy sessions, we’ll discuss all the things including bookkeeping, processes, QuickBooks online, taxes, money mindset and everything in between. We’ll meet via video conference so that we can screen share and dive into anything that’s on your mind. You’ll also receive a follow-up email with notes, links and other important information so that you don’t have to worry about note taking during the meeting! Just listen and take it all in.

Here's how it works.

Our program will teach you, step-by-step, how to work through your month-end accounting, and how to understand your financial statements. Each module was built to help you understand all of the important features your accounting software has to offer.

Learn to define important accounting terms. You’ll also build a unique-to-your-business chart of accounts that will make your accounting feel like a breeze!

Learn how to enter new customers, create and customize your invoices, receive payments and more!

Learn how to enter and track vendors and 1099’s, enter bills within the system, create expenses, write checks and more.

Learn how to connect your bank accounts, set up rules for your transactions, and import the information from your bank and credit card statements into your software.

Learn how to match transactions you enter to transactions that import through the banking screen, and how to reconcile your accounts and confirm all transactions are in the software to ensure accurate financial reporting.

Learn how to create beautiful financial statements that are pertinent to your business, and learn how to actually read and understand the information within those reports!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.


Not only do you get all of the great benefits that are already built into the program, but we’ve added in all of these extra bonuses just to sweeten the deal for you when you join with our annual payment plan.

Payroll Set-up

Year-End Forms

Monthly Budget

1099 Processing

Learn what information you need to set-up your payroll, enter employee details, run payroll, and process/file taxes payments and returns.

Learn what needs to be done at year-end as far as your bookkeeping and payroll forms. You’ll also get a checklist to keep you on track!

Learn how to determine just how much money your business needs to make to cover business and to cover your personal expenses.

Learn who needs to receive a1099 at the end of the year, how to track their payments, and what forms need to be filed (and where to file them)!

What our customers are saying:

We love our customers, and our customers love us!

Check out what they have to say about working with Emerald.

The whole experience was nothing short of amazing! I can’t recommend [Kimberly] and [Emerald] enough!

I am completely satisfied with their extraordinary service, and I have no reservations about recommending [Emerald] to absolutely anyone.

Kelsey B.

Lori M.


Let's break it all down.

Here is what you are really getting with our annual membership…

That's $13,947 for just $1,997.

You’d actually be crazy not to join us.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know that our course is of excellent quality and will deliver so much value for you and your business. We are so confident of this that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money at anytime within 30 days of purchase.

Kimberly Ferguson

CEO, Emerald Expectations Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the answers to commonly asked questions when looking into our programs.

What accounting software do you recommend?

We typically recommend working with QuickBooks Online, however Xero, Freshbooks, and Wave are all great options, too! It truly depends on your accounting needs. If you’d like to a free consultation regarding which software is best for you, please feel free to reach out.


Is this program meant for bookkeepers?

If you are looking to begin a bookkeeping career, or start your own bookkeeping company, this program may be for you. Please, contact us directly so we can insure that you are a good fit. This program is designed for small business owners who are not looking to become bookkeepers.


What if I don’t use your recommended software?

That’s ok! This program was designed to work with several different accounting software, not just one in particular!


Do you offer a discount code for accounting software?

Yes! We can offer a discount for a few select accounting software. Please, contact us for details.

Is this an annual subscription?

Yes. If you’d like to continue having access to your account, our great community, and monthly trainings after one year, you’ll want to renew your subscription annually or sign-up for automatic payments (so you never lose access). You can also keep access to only our community and monthly masterclasses and Q&A sessions.

Do you offer accounting services?

For most small businesses, doing it yourself is only sustainable for a period of time. Once you are ready to handoff your accounting to a professional, please reach out to me at I’ll be more than happy to set up a free consultation!

What if I have never used an accounting software before?

That’s ok! This program is meant to help you set up your accounting software, chart of accounts, etc. and prepare you for all of your accounting needs as a new small business owner. However, if you’ve been doing your accounting for a while, this is a good course for you also! Some of the opening items may be redundant, but you’ll find a lot of the meatier content to be very helpful and will increase your productivity and the level of detail in which you can track your accounts.

Do you offer any payment plan options?

Yes! We offer an annual payment option or a monthly payment plan. Each is a 12-month commitment so that we can help ensure you get the best experience possible.


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