Fractional CFO Services for Small Businesses

Get a customized plan for financial growth.

We partner with small businesses to provide financial insight and future-oriented strategies for success.

Hiring a Fractional CFO could be the catalyst your business needs for getting the growth you want.

A Fractional CFO Provides…

Financial Insight & Analysis

We collect and analyze your company’s financial information to identify areas of risk and unrealized opportunities for growth.

A Custom Financial Strategy To Move Your Business Forward

We translate our financial insights into quantifiable actions that will drive growth.

Expert Financial Leadership

We provide ongoing financial leadership to make sure your business is on track to reach key milestones.

Financial success doesn’t happen by chance.

It requires a strategic plan to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

But how can you build a roadmap for financial growth…

…when you’re already overwhelmed with your other responsibilities?

You know you could be making better financial decisions that will raise your profit margins and put more hard-earned cash in your pocket…

… but you don’t have the time or experience for a deep-dive into complex financial analysis.

But what if you had someone in your corner

who could help you make better decisions?

Someone who could…


Collect and analyze vital financial data so you could make decisions with confidence


Give you a bird’s eye view of your company’s financial health


Tell you exactly where your cash is going…and help you move it to where it should be going instead


Determine where your cash flow is strongest so you can make the biggest impact on your bottom line

Stop hoping for a prosperous future and start planning one instead.

A Fractional CFO helps assess the financial health of your company, then uses that information to design an actionable plan that drives the growth you want.

(And we do it without the need to hire us full time.)

With a Fractional CFO, you get the strategic planning and financial knowledge of a full-time, traditional CFO…at a fraction of the price.

What Does A Fractional CFO Actually Do?


Collects, analyzes, and interprets financial data to design a plan for strategic growth


Provides risk assessment to support better decision making for your business


Monitors and analyzes cash flow to make sure your dollars are being optimized


Determine what’s going right in your business so you can do more of what’s working


Determine what’s not working in your business so you can take corrective action

How Does It Work?

Collect and Analyze Your Business’s Financial Data

We look at your balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and any other relevant information to determine the financial health of your business.

Data-driven insight is the foundation of long-term success.

Identify Unrealized Opportunities For Growth

Could your productivity improve or could you expand your services to a new market?

Our fresh perspective can discover untapped possibilities for your business.

Design and Oversee a Strategic Plan to Drive Your Business Forward.

New opportunities need a targeted strategy to become reality.

We recommend and help execute proven strategies to power sustainable growth.

Here’s a real-life example of what a Fractional CFO can do for a small business like yours

Steven’s business was going insanely well.

Production was high, his customers were happy, and he was making more money than ever.

Despite his success, Steven was struggling with burnout. He wasn’t sleeping well, he was constantly overwhelmed, and his to-do list was growing by the second.

He was starting to wonder about the point of it all. Why be successful if you’re too stressed and exhausted to enjoy it?

Steven realized he was ready to take a step back. He wanted to enjoy some of the fruits of his labor. He wanted to spend more quality time with his family–to take his wife on a nice vacation and to take his kids on the camping trip they’d been wanting for ages.

But how could he step away from his business without everything falling apart? He was the glue that kept everything together.

Enter Emerald Expectations.

Steven was right to think the business would fall apart without him. After all, he had been a certified Doing-It-All-er for years. He was the CEO, the CFO, the chief marketing officer and the implementor. Sure, he had a couple of employees, but they didn’t have the skills or knowledge to keep the business afloat without Steven’s constant input.

But here’s what Steven didn’t fully realize: with the right processes in place, other people actually could perform Steven’s tasks. They just needed the right information and training.

We walked Steven through the process of stepping back. We showed him how to build out processes for each of his tasks so he could delegate to others.

With reliable, repeatable procedures in place, Steven’s business went from chaos to calm. Everyone knew what was expected of them so Steven could finally relax, knowing the work was getting done.

Steven felt like he could breathe for the first time in years. His reduced stress load allowed him to have a fresh perspective on his business. Previously overlooked opportunities came into focus. He understood that having a work-life balance was actually possible.

He no longer felt the weight of the world on his shoulders–but his company continued to thrive. He’s now dreaming bigger than ever because he’s got the time and energy to focus on what really matters to him and his business.

A Fractional CFO can help you optimize your business for sustainable growth–even if you’re not there 24/7.

How would it feel to wake up each day knowing your workload is completely manageable? And that your business can keep running even when you aren’t physically there?

How will you feel when you define success on your own terms–and have an expert in your corner to give you a step-by-step plan to get there?


When we first came to Kimberly, we thought:

We don’t have any money. And now she wants us to spend more money…that we don’t have! How does that work?

But we are beginning to realize how valuable our investment in her services has been.

Before Kimberly, we felt panicked about every major decision in our business.

Getting our shop, investing in an expensive tool, buying a vehicle–we panicked about every one of these decisions. They felt scary. They felt too big for our small business.

But they all turned out to be great investments for us.

So even though we felt nervous about hiring a Fractional CFO, we realized we needed to delegate to a professional.

We’re not numbers people.

But we realized if we’re going to run a business, we need to have goals backed by data. We need to understand the numbers.

Well, the ROI has been astounding.

Our income is up by 15% compared to this time last year. Now we have a new problem to solve–finding ways to lower our taxes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO is a financial expert who offers traditional CFO services on a part-time, consulting-style basis. It’s an ideal model for small businesses who could benefit from expert financial insight, but who aren’t financially ready to hire a full-time CFO.

Why would a business need a Fractional CFO?

Many small business owners aren’t using the best possible information to make decisions for their companies. Intuition, hoping for the best, or “that’s the way we’ve always done it” won’t drive healthy long-term financial growth. A Fractional CFO is trained to collect and analyze financial data that can be used to guide decision-making within a company. Having a trained Fractional CFO consulting on your business can be the difference between plateauing (or failing) and taking a business to the next level.

How do I know my business is ready for a Fractional CFO?
  • You want to make more money. You know you can do this growing your business. But the problem is that you need more money to grow your business. It’s a Catch 22 you’re not sure how to overcome.
  • You’re an expert in what you do, but the financial side of your business is a mystery to you.
  • Your business needs you around 24/7 or it falls apart.
  • You feel like you’re drowning in your business instead of working on your business.
  • You’re lacking clear goals for the future of your business.
  • You know the future is important, but you don’t have a clear path to take your business where it needs to go.

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