What are People Advisory Services?

Payroll, benefits management, & more

Staffing & compensation plans

Regular, in-depth advisory conversations

Hassle-free people operations technology

Payroll, benefits, & more

The support you need.

Payroll, off your plate.

Commission and bonus calculations, employee expense reimbursements, and more.

Benefits managed for you.

We’ll handle deductions, withholdings, and set up workers comp insurance.

People operations support.

Offer letters, employee handbooks, org charts, certified HR pros on call.

Staffing plans for your business plans

Data-driven answers to workforce planning questions.

Align Goals

What’s the right number of employees and contractors? What’s the smart amount to spend on benefits?

Quantify team impact.

What’s the right ratio of revenue/expense per employee? How do you reduce expenses by department?

Improve retention & morale.

Which teams have high retention risk? How do you reduce employee turnover?

Technology to pay and support your teams

Powered by Gusto

Fast, friendly onboarding.

Online checklists and software set-up in one click.

Paperless paydays.

Employees get direct access to their paycheck with the Gusto debit.

Rainy-day savings, automatically.

Employees can set up their paycheck to automatically put aside savings.

Find the right package for you

Three options, tailored to your needs.





Dedicated people advisor

Full-service payroll management

Benefits administration

Onboarding, timekeeping, and payments management

Access to certified HR pros and resources

People advisory consultations




People operations metrics

Team productivity

Team productivity & employee wellness

Team productivity, employee wellness, & team efficiency

Add-on Services

Get a deep-dive analysis on a focused business goal. Available to clients enrolled in a People Advisory Package.

Modernize your employee onboarding process

Create an employee benefits strategy

Design a workforce plan for your growth goals