Business Owners In Sioux Falls:

Does this sound familiar?

“It’s tax season and I’m completely overwhelmed…again.”

Every year, without fail…

Business owners like you struggle with stress and anxiety when tax season comes around.

If this sounds familiar…

Annual Tax Learning Curve

You feel like you have to learn and relearn the ins-and-outs of taxes each year… because what applied last year is out-of-date today.

Tax Deduction FOMO

You worry you’re missing out on valuable deductions because you just don’t have time to study the tax code in-depth.

Distracting from Business

You hate spending time crunching numbers, following rules, and filing documents when you just want to run your business.

Year-End IRS Anxiety

You end the year holding your breath to see how much you owe to the IRS, hoping it doesn’t completely wipe you out.

…then you might be wondering, “Does it really have to be this complicated?”

The answer is NO.

The stress, anxiety, and overwhelm don’t have  to be your reality.

Small business owners in Sioux Falls are learning the value of hiring a professional tax consultant who can handle everything…from bookkeeping to long-term tax strategy…

…so you can actually enjoy your business again.

Hire a proactive tax consultant in Sioux Falls, SD!

Sioux Falls Tax Consulting Services

Introducing: The Sapphire Package

Accounting, Tax Strategy, & Financial Guidance For Small Business Owners

What’s Included:

Advanced Tax Strategy + Planning

We work proactively to minimize your tax liability while staying current on tax law changes that could affect your business. Includes a semi-annual tax plan review–available in your first month!

Monthly Bookkeeping + Financial Reports

Let us handle the day-to-day details so you can focus on the bigger picture. Flawless books and regular reporting helps you make informed decisions about the future of your company.

Financial Controller Oversight

Stay informed of your company’s financial health with regular financial reporting and analysis. Enjoy the feeling of inner peace that financial clarity provides.

Priority Communication

Do you have an important tax question or need some financial reassurance? Enjoy unlimited portal messaging, chat, and email support.

Individual + Business Tax Prep

Save time, reduce anxiety, and free yourself from complex tax forms for good. And did we mention the potential for huge savings?

Payroll Processing Via Gusto

Don’t waste valuable time keeping up with payroll. We set up your payroll processing in Gusto then perform monthly check-ins to ensure accuracy.

Business Entity Review

Should your business be an LLC or an S-Corp? We break down the numbers to determine which business entity makes the most sense for helping your company thrive.

Owner Compensation Review

How much should you be paying yourself? We’ll perform a compensation review to make sure your income meets IRS requirements without excessively increasing your tax burden.

Retirement Planning + Execution

Optimize your retirement investments by maxing out your tax-free or deferred contributions. Then relax knowing your financial future is growing day and night.

IRS Notice Response

Getting a letter from the IRS doesn’t have to be stressful with us in your corner. We’ll review the notice, check it for accuracy, and create a game plan for handling the issue.

IRS Notice Response

Getting a letter from the IRS doesn’t have to be stressful with us in your corner. We’ll review the notice, check it for accuracy, and create a game plan for handling the issue.

Finally feel financially at peace with a proactive tax strategist who wants to see your business thrive.

A personalized tax strategy and consulting service

That takes all the stressful tax preparation and tax planning for you.

As a Sapphire-Level VIP Client you get…


All the tax and accounting services you need to let go of financial worry


Unlimited chat and email support 24/7


Peace of mind knowing you’re paying the minimum amount to the IRS (while staying 100% legally compliant)


Expert guidance on designing + implementing the financial strategy that will create the future you desire

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Smart questions our happy clients have asked

Before choosing us as their Sioux Falls Tax Experts:

I owe taxes to the IRS, but I can’t pay them right now. Can you help?

Of course! It’s very common for business owners to struggle with tax problems. Stressors like making quarterly payments, correctly collecting sales tax, and keeping your records straight can quickly become overwhelming. But don’t worry! Even if you’re behind on taxes, we can design a clear and practical plan to get you caught up. And we’ll make sure you have the knowledge needed to never end up in a bad tax situation again!

How long have you been practicing in Sioux Falls?

Emerald Expectations was founded in 2016 with a vision: An accounting firm that treats its clients like family – with unquestionable integrity, incomparable professionalism and the most exceptional customer care anyone could find in the market.

What are your credentials?

I am an Enrolled Agent and a Certified CFO. Also, I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Xero Certified Advisor, TSheets Pro, and AIPB Certified (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers). Basically, if you’ve got a problem, I’ve got the solution.

What’s an enrolled agent?

An enrolled agent, or EA, is an IRS Credentialed Tax Specialist who can represent taxpayers before the IRS for issues like audits, collections, and appeals. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Individuals who obtain this elite status must adhere to ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years. Have you received a notice letter from the IRS? We can help!

Can this package be customized?

The Sapphire Package includes every service a small business owner needs to let go of tax and accounting stress. Because the package is comprehensive, we don’t have a customization option. But if you’re an established business ready for the next level of financial growth, our Emerald Package might be for you!

What is the contract length? Are there penalties if I cancel?

All of our packages REQUIRE a 12-month commitment. We seriously doubt you’ll want to cancel after you’ve experienced the peace of mind that comes with hiring a tax advisor…but if you do decide to cancel, you’ll owe the remaining cost of your tax preparation and any remaining planning fees.

I’m a Sioux Falls small business owner and just need my taxes done. Do you offer a basic tax preparation service?

Yes! Check out our basic tax prep fees here.

But if you’re a business owner, we highly recommend investing in tax planning services in addition to tax prep. The financial clarity and peace of mind you’ll enjoy will transform the way you experience running your business!

If you’re intersted in our tax prep + planning package (without bookkeeping or advisory services) click here

My books are a mess! Can you clean them up?

Absolutely. We can carefully go through your transactions, recording and categorizing them correctly. You’ll feel relieved knowing you have a clean slate!

Can I hire you hourly as a tax consultant?

Yes, you can! Dealing with the IRS is time-consuming, difficult and sometimes down-right terrifying. We can help! We do require a $2,500 deposit, in most cases.

Do you only do business taxes or do you also do individual income taxes?

Yes, we do both business and personal tax returns.

How is this different from the service I get at H&R Block?

E-filing services like H&R Block treat clients like transactions rather than people. It’s not malicious–it’s just that online tax prep companies like H&R Block simply have too much overhead to give small business owners the dedicated attention and service they deserve. When you work with us, we are genuinely invested in helping you succeed. We treat our clients like family, with uncompromising integrity, top-level professionalism, and personalized customer care. Also, H&R Block doesn’t help with tax planning or other facets of business. So, in our case, we can act as a full-service accounting department for your company!

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Rediscover Peace of Mind

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